Financial Aid

Michigan State University is proud to offer a wide range of financial support tools to all of its students, including those whose citizenship status may be complex. While undocumented students and students under DACA are not eligible for federal aid, all students are encouraged to apply for MSU’s merit-based scholarships, which are available to students of any immigration status. Undocumented and DACA students may also qualify for aid from the state or from private scholarships.

Financial Support for Non-US Citizen Students 

MSU’s Office of Financial Aid provides support and resources to ensure success at Michigan State University. The Department of Education and State of Michigan have restrictions in place that require recipients of aid to be eligible U.S. Citizens which prohibits MSU from offering most resources available to students who are ineligible to file a completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). While many federal and state financial aid resources are not available to non-US citizen students, many other organizations use the results of the incomplete FAFSA application to help determine eligibility for need and merit-based scholarships. Non-US citizens students can still file an incomplete FAFSA application which helps the Office of Financial Aid in maximizing financial aid opportunities for our non-US citizen students.

Calculating the Cost

The Financial Aid Office’s calculator tools can provide a helpful cost estimate in order to better aid with budgeting. Please visit the sample budgets page for a breakdown of the various costs for undergraduate and graduate students and an estimate of the overall cost for the current school year.

Working on Campus

Many MSU students also choose to offset the costs of their education by taking up a position with an on-campus employer, such as the residence halls. These on-campus positions are an option even to those students who do not qualify for a federally funded work-study position, based on availability. These and off-campus jobs help provide additional funds for many MSU students. MSU Students can apply for on and off campus jobs via Handshake, MSU’s career management platform. MSU’s Career Services Network also has many resources available to the MSU community.

Additional Resources 

The MSU Office of Financial Aid is committed to providing support for our students who are ineligible for federal and state financial aid. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for further questions and support.

Tony Krolak, available at, specializes in the financial situations of students with varied immigration statuses. For general information, students can also contact the Office of Financial Aid at (517) 353-5940 or