Campus Connections & Resources

Michigan State University is committed to helping you find connections on campus and navigate the resources available to you. Find these helpful resources and points of contact who can assist in the adjustment to campus life.

Campus Organizations  

  • dreaMSU - This organization is a student group that advocates for inclusivity and more support for the undocumented community at MSU. They can be contacted at
  • The MSU Chicano/Latino Studies Program - This minor in the College of Social Science is an elective for undergraduate students, particularly for those who plan to work in a career within ethnic communities. The minor is designed to “help students to understand the multicultural dimensions of society; to gain knowledge of Chicana/o and US Latina/o scholarship and scholars; and to apply that knowledge to the study of Chicana/o and US Latina/o communities and life.”
  • The Office of International Students and Scholars - This office gives support to MSU’s international students and their families. Their services include advising on U.S. immigration regulations, integrating international students and scholars into MSU, and being an active liaison with foreign embassies and other government agencies. OISS also provides opportunities for cultural interactions and exchanges for members of the MSU community. 
  • Office of Cultural & Academic Transitions (OCAT) - constructs supportive cultural, social and educational communities that actively involve students in learning. OCAT supports individual students in their navigation of cross-cultural encounters, and in their own understanding, exploration and development of cultural identity. Student-to-student interaction is the key to benefiting from diversity, and OCAT strives to bring together individuals as well as groups of students from diverse racial, ethnic, international, and domestic backgrounds for meaningful interactions. In part, OCAT accomplishes this mission by building critical alliances with peoples, programs, and ideas throughout the university. Additionally, OCAT helps students to better understand themselves and others through cultural, social, and academic activities.
  • Migrant Student Services - advances education and empowers students from migrant and seasonal farm working communities to bring about positive change in their lives, communities, and the world. 
  • Financial Aid - Michigan State University is proud to offer a wide range of financial support tools to all of its students, including those whose citizenship status may be complex. While undocumented students and students under DACA are not eligible for federal aid, all students are encouraged to apply for MSU’s merit-based scholarships, which are available to students of any immigration status. Undocumented and DACA students may also qualify for aid from the state or from private scholarships
  • Counseling & Psychiatric Services - CAPS is the place for students seeking help for a wide range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, stress management, homesickness, adjustment or acculturation, relationships, issues around race, gender and sexual orientation (LBGTQ), substance abuse, traumatic experiences, eating or body image concerns, and other personal mental health concerns. CAPS combines the clinical services of counseling and psychiatry in one setting. All services are free of charge. Psychiatric services begin to accrue costs after the completion of the first three appointments.

Immigration Resources 

Additional Resources

Michigan State condemns any form of discrimination both on campus and off. If you believe you have been the subject of discrimination or bias, reports can be filed through the MSU Office for Civil Rights/Office of Institutional Equity. Other resources for support include the Division of Student Affairs and Services, the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives, and the Office for International Students and Scholars.

For the latest news and updates on the novel Coronavirus, visit the Together We Will website. 

In these unprecedented times, MSU wants to help students in any way through MSU’s Support Our Spartans (SOS) Fund. These funds are allocated to students who need immediate financial support when emergencies occur. Currently there is over $49,000 raised to support students’ financial emergencies.

Community Resources